Don’t Read This!

Published: February 14, 2020

By Jim Lichtman
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It’s boring. It’s just another vanity website, only this one’s about “ethics.” Come on! I already know the difference between right and wrong. This guy is just another pseudo-intellectual, California liberal telling us how to live our lives. What a gasbag. He just uses it as an excuse for writing another negative riff on the president. (Okay, I don’t like the guy either.) What, you’re still reading? CLICK OFF! Go to the BookFace or Chatsnap. Even your cranky old uncle Harold is more interesting than this guy. Better yet, click on YouTube. Did you see the video where Rush Limbaugh gets the Presidential Medal of Freedom? From one blowhard to another. Think of the time you’re wasting reading this when you could be doing something like playing online poker or FreeCell. Netflix, now that’s entertainment. So what if they dropped Frasier, but hey, there’s always Cheers, and how about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? It only lasts 15 minutes or so and you get more entertainment than reading about how the president insulted some people at a prayer breakfast. Hey, you on the iPhone, don’t tell me you’re still reading! I’ll save you the trouble. I’ve read this guy’s stuff before. Did you read The Devil and Mitch McConnell? Well… that wasn’t bad. McConnell sure trashed his whole career. Someone sent me a link to this “opus,” Imagine. Total rip-off of John Lennon; more high-minded words from someone on his high horse. I’ll give him credit, he called out Mark Zuckerberg. What an ego! I hate that guy. The one about The Drake, that 6-year old baseball manager who argues with umpires like adults, that wasn’t bad either. Then there’s the one about a fisherman who caught a 16-pound walleye but broke the rules. I can’t even remember what the rule was. Fishermen are obsessed with rules. I remember the one he wrote about the fire that burned down most of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Do you think they’ll ever rebuild it the way it was? Not if local politicians have their way. Politicians are always getting in the way of what people really want. Well… if you’re still reading, I guess you must like this guy’s stuff. Me, I’m clicking over to YouTube and watch “How I Made a 20-pound Grilled Cheese Sandwich.” Have fun with ethics.


  1. Wow–but I did read it! Interesting how many reasons to not do what is right or ethical. I do like having a clear conscience about ethical decisions. Thanks Jim. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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