The Lone Ranger

While I am still decompressing from reading the Mueller report, I thought it was time to turn a corner — 180 degrees to be precise — and revisit some past commentaries that have, according to Google Analytics, received renewed interest. Heroes are hard to come … Read More

Ten years ago, March 8, I launched this website with two goals: “First, I hope to generate a greater awareness of the importance of ethics in our lives; second, I want to foster a dialog with others about the affect ethical principles, or lack thereof, … Read More

My Joe Franklin Story

Since the death of New York radio personality and TV talk show host, Joe Franklin last Saturday in Manhattan at 88 years of age, everyone’s been telling their own Joe Franklin story. This is mine.

It’s 1996, I’m on a book tour for my first … Read More

Remembering a True Friend

I recently learned of the death of Fran Striker, Jr. – a true friend who reflected the kind of character represented in his dad as well as the western hero made famous on radio and film. After the release of his dad’s final western “One Read More

A Few Basic Realizations

In 1995, while doing research on the creation of The Lone Ranger, I spent four days with Fran Striker, Jr., the son of the creator. Fran shared many stories about his dad, most if not all, reflecting his loyalty to friends, his compassion toward … Read More

The Ethics Corps

Early in 1995 I was working for a motivational speaker who needed a talk on ethics. I had just finished writing a magazine article on the creation of the Lone Ranger and, in the course of the article, revealed that the character had been created … Read More

In 1994, while doing research on the creation of the Lone Ranger for my first book, I spent four days with Fran Striker, Jr., the son of the creator. It still surprises me how few people know that an unassuming, imaginative writer from Buffalo, New … Read More