What Greater Cause?

In his latest book, The American Spirit, historian David McCullough had the rare privilege of addressing a joint session of Congress in 1989.

McCullough has observed much in his 84 years, and written much more about the past in books, and the present in … Read More

A Better America

Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz is my kind of leader. He’s responsible to the bottom line, sure, but he’s also cognizant of the many issues facing the country.

In 2013, at the company’s annual meeting, a shareholder stood up to criticize Starbucks support of marriage equality, … Read More

“The film starts with Doug seeking out his next prey. He becomes obsessed with a woman named Amy… he’s able to learn details of her life… He meets her at a coffee shop… strikes up conversations with her. The two become friends, but it seems … Read More

What Would You Do? – Conclusion

2007, Virginia Tech., Blacksburg, VA = 32 dead; 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newton, CT = 27 dead; 2016, Orlando, FL = 49 dead; Las Vegas, NV = 58 dead, more than 500 injured.

According to The Wall Street Journal (Oct., 2015), The United States … Read More

What Would You Do?

Last week, I wrote about the mass shooting in Las Vegas, (Why? When? What?). After the deaths of 58 individuals at an outdoor concert, my commentary was another plea for commonsense gun legislation.

In a separate e-mail, a regular reader to this site … Read More

In Good Conscience

Jeff Flake is the junior U.S. Senator from Arizona whose recent book, Conscience of a Conservative, has received some harsh criticism, mostly from conservatives.

“A Book by A Fake Conservative with No Conscience.” – The Tennessee Star

“Jeff Flake is no Barry Goldwater. He’s Read More

After watching events unfold in Las Vegas last Sunday – now the largest mass shooting in U.S. history – I went to my archives to see how many commentaries I’d written about gun control.

It’s an issue I have revisited several times, maybe eight or … Read More