Health Care

Ahhhhhh… the cool mountain air, a calm… ripple… of water peacefully moving over the lake.

Oh… it’s you!

While on summer break, I thought I’d offer a few links to commentaries that garnered the most attention by readers over the past seven months.

First place, … Read More

But How Many Others?

Good news about Dennis Haines… finally!

Last week, I wrote about Vietnam Vet. Dennis Haines’s difficulty in getting a medication approved by the V.A. for treatment for Hepatitis C – an infectious disease that he contracted after he had unintentionally received tainted blood while being … Read More

No Excuse

Last February, I reported that Vietnam Vet SP4 Dennis Haines (Ret.) was having difficulty receiving treatment for Hepatitis C, an infectious disease that affects the liver’s function. The condition was brought about when he and others were inadvertently given tainted blood while in service.

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Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards sat before the House Committee on Oversight to answer questions about funding and more specifically, respond to a widely circulated video purportedly showing an aborted fetus being prepped for organ harvesting by a Planned Parenthood sponsored medical facility.

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Planned Parenthood – Part 2

From the outset, Jason Chaffetz, Republican chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform attacked Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, at one point using a chart that showed “Abortions up/Lifesaving Procedures down.”

“In 2006,” Chaffetz said, pointing to the chart, “Planned Parenthood performed … Read More

Which of the following statements is true?

“Health insurance is one of the biggest rackets in America today.”

“Health Insurance is a legalized version of the mafia?”

Answer: Both.

The first statement comes from a hospital administrator I used to know. The second comes from … Read More


Although the arrest of six Baltimore police officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray demonstrates that the course to justice has, indeed, begun, there is another more difficult ethical path that the family and citizens will need to consider – forgiveness.

I was recently … Read More