From the Vault

Courtesy Dan Piraro –

While I’m on vacation, I thought I would reach back into the vault for commentaries from times past. It’s Ethics, Stupid began in 2008, so I’ll start there.

The JanitorMarch 2008: Watching George Clooney in Michael Clayton, I quickly picked-up on the ethical aspects common in several of his films.

January 20, 2009 – January 2009: Barack Obama’s inaugural speech. A clarion call for honesty, integrity, compassion, respect and responsibility.

Mr. Cool – September 2016: Lessons golf legend Arnold Palmer learned from his dad.

World Citizenship – May 2010: Nuclear Age Peace Foundation leader, David Krieger, reveals his commitment to his cause.

Is Honesty the Best Policy in an Unjust World? — March 2014: New Hampshire students answer a question we all face, from time to time.

Seattle’s Best — June 2008: Radio psychiatrist, Frasier Crane, shows us how easy it is to compromise our integrity when we want something… badly!

What Would Philip Do? – October 2008: How do you handle the flood of ethics scandals in Washington, DC? Ask the conscience of the Senate.

Leaning InMarch 2013: The Bing Crosby classic, “The Bells of St. Mary’s,” is more than a heartwarming story as kindly Father O’Malley, skirts a few ethical issues.

Good Call, FOX Sports! – October 2013: When Kansas City Royals starting pitcher, Edinson Volquez, took the mound for the first game of the World Series, Fox Sports commentator Ken Rosenthal kept a secret until the game was over. Right call, Ken!

Memorial Day, 2011 – May 2011: Army surgeon John Baldwin’s remarkable life and death story in an Army surgical unit in Vietnam.

My Time with Mother – December 2008: Pianist, composer Bradley James talks about his time with Mother Teresa.

Trust and the Media – June 2014: The days of Walter Cronkite are long gone. Will we ever see a return of trust in the media?

That Night in Vietnam… and Those That Followed – May 2019: A gripping, true story about Army Specialist Dennis Haines whose life changed in a flash.

What Do We Stand For?November 2019: The words of British-born American patriot and writer, Thomas Paine, are more relevant that ever.

Imagine – December 2019: The John Lennon song inspired words that tell us who we really are.

Let’s Be the Change — June 2018: Anger is not a strategy against a bully.

Don’t Read This! – February 2020: Taking me to task.

I will return after Labor Day. Take care and Stay Safe!