A Simple, Powerful Message

Here Rests, In Honored Glory, An American Soldier, Known But To God

– inscription on the tomb of the unknown soldiers, Arlington National Cemetery

Palm Desert, California eighth-grader John Diaz, along with fifty other students, will be visiting Washington D.C. in June for their first … Read More

We are standing on a precipice of an Alt-Reality where self-serving falsehoods are driving out truth and objectivity. Goodbye Walter Cronkite; hello Alt-Deceivers.

Fake news stories have quickly taken on a life of their own. Part of this is due to the hyperpartisanship of the … Read More

More Like Alex

Last August, the world was shocked and outraged at the tragedy that has become Alepo, Syria. However, it was the image of a dust and blood-covered Syrian boy, Omran Daqneesh, that crystallized the true cost of war.

Although Omran’s older brother Ali died of his … Read More

Humanize not Modernize

Democracy is the only system capable of reflecting the humanist premise of equilibrium or balance. The key to its secret is the involvement of the citizen.”         – John Ralston Saul

“A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.” – Ronald Reagan… Read More

For the past sixteen months there has been a lot of talk that America has lost its way; that we are weak; that we have somehow, lost our greatness.

If that is true, then why do so many want to come to this country, attend … Read More

In the waning days of the his campaign, Donald Trump has been setting the table to spur supporters’ anger after November 8th.

“Jon A. Husted,” The New York Times reports (Oct. 16), “the secretary of state of Ohio, said it was ‘wrong and engaging in … Read More

The political earth has had a few seismic shifts over the past 7 days.

First, the discovery of a video exposing Donald Trump’s penchant for trash-talking women, and the requisite 24/7 news coverage of that; followed by the Sunday debate where Trump paced around behind … Read More