Who Are We?

Published: June 28, 2022

By Jim Lichtman
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In a Q&A session last month after a performance of the Broadway show Company, a woman in the audience was asked to put her mask back on. When she refused, singer Patti LuPone unloaded on her.

“If you’re not going to follow the rules, Get The F*** Out of Here!”

“I pay your salary!” the woman yelled back before she was escorted from the theater.

Last Thursday, Department of Justice officials testified before the January 6 committee about an Oval Office meeting with Donald Trump which revealed the lengths the former president was willing to go to hijack the will of millions of voters.

In his testimony, Former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen told Trump that the DOJ could not and would not “snap its fingers” and change the outcome of the presidential election.

Former Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue said that Trump told them to “just say [the election] was corrupt and leave the rest up to me and the Republican congressmen.”

In Colorado, an election official was indicted by a grand jury for attempting to manipulate voting machines in order to show that voter fraud had taken place in the 2020 election.

Tina Peters “faces 10 counts including seven felony charges and three misdemeanors. The felony charges include attempting to influence a public servant, identity theft, criminal impersonation and conspiracy to commit criminal impersonation. The misdemeanors include first-degree official misconduct, violation of duty and failure to comply with the requirements of the secretary of state,” NPR reported.

Refuting the charges using a typical Trump ploy, Peters said in a statement, “Using legal muscle to indict political opponents during an election isn’t a new strategy, but it’s easier to execute when you have a district attorney who despises President Trump and any constitutional conservative like myself who continues to demand all election evidence be made available to the public.”

Peters recently announced she is running for secretary of state.

Last week, the Supreme Court effectively ended the constitutional right for women to have an abortion – a law that has been on the books for almost 50 years; a law that Justice Brett Kavanaugh told Maine Senator Susan Collins, before his confirmation hearing, was “settled law,” and Justice Neil Gorsuch told senators in his confirmation hearing that Roe is “a precedent of the U.S. Supreme Court. So a good judge will consider it as precedent of the U.S. Supreme Court worthy as treatment of precedent like any other.

“For a judge to start tipping his or her hand about whether they like or dislike this or that precedent would send the wrong signal,” Gorsuch said in front of Senators. “It would send the signal to the American people that the judge’s personal views have something to do with the judge’s job.”

Justice Gorsuch’s recent decision strongly suggest that his personal views did, in fact, override precedent.

Finally, a surprise hearing by the January 6 committee has been called today in which the committee “will present recently obtained evidence and witness testimony” that may dramatically add to previous testimony that connects President Trump to a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election. (As of this writing, a source told CNN that the January 6 committee “is concerned about security of the witness” ahead of the hearing.)

The announced hearing comes after Trump election attorney John Eastman’s phone was seized by FBI agents. During his videotaped testimony before committee attorneys, Eastman invoked the 5th Amendment – his constitutional rights against self-incrimination – 146 times during the interview. Eastman is believed to be a significant figure in the plan.

The seizure of Eastman’s phone along with a raid conducted by the FBI on Trump former Justice attorney Jeffrey Clark – whom Trump wanted to appoint as attorney general as part of a plan at the time, to have the Justice Department claim that the election was fraudulent – indicates that DOJ is looking into a possible criminal conspiracy that took place weeks before the January 6 attack on the Capitol by Trump supporters.

Chaos. Confusion. Anger. All these events and more are clear and compelling evidence that the country is fracturing along deeply political lines which may include criminal conduct by top government officials.

Who are we?

What have we become?

Can the country save itself – does the country have the courage to save itself?


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