Welcome to Tombstone …South

Published: April 28, 2014

By Jim Lichtman
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Over the ricky ticky tinkle of a honky-tonk piano banging out “Buffalo Gals,” Georgia Governor Nathan “what-a” Deal sits down at his desk to sign a new piece of legislation into law.

Watching the proceedings, a tall man with a steely-eyed gaze, dressed in black with matching hat quietly watches.

“Well, boys,” Deal says, handing out souvenir pens, “Here she is, the Safe Carry Protection Act is now law!”

Applause followed by shouts of congratulations from supporters.

“God bless you, Governor!”

Georgia loves you, Nate!”

“Thanks, boys,” Deal adds looking over the bill in his hands. “Yes sir, from now on licensed gun owners will be allowed to carry their weapons most anywhere: airports, bars, libraries, rec. centers, fire stations, even churches.”

At that moment, the tall man spoke with a somber voice as he stepped forward, “What the hell kind of town is this?

“Wyatt Earp, your honor… and I wanna know what kind of religion these guys are practicin’ that they need to carry a gun to church?”

“The people have spoken, Wyatt,” Deal says.

“The people? You mean those curs in the state capitol who are more interested in their own interests than the peoples?”

“It’s the law, now!” Deal adds.

“That don’t make it right.”

A governor’s aide volunteers: “School districts all across this state will now be able to allow employees to carry firearms and protect our kids.”

“Wyatt, it’s simple logic,” another supporter adds. “The more people armed, the safer we’ll all be.”

Another supporter who won’t be bullied steps forward, and pulls back his coat to reveal a Glock on his hip. “I don’t believe I can stand here and listen to one of the most ruthless lawmen lecture me…”

Wyatt spins, and pulls back his coat to reveal his own gun. “Go ahead, skin it! Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens…”

The two men begin circling one another.

“I’m gettin’ tired of all your gas,” Wyatt says as he readies his gun hand, “now jerk that pistol and go to work!”

Deal quickly steps between the two. “Whoa, WHOA, boys; let’s ALL settle down, now.”

Wyatt’s anger slowly building, “In all that time workin’ those cow towns, I was only ever mixed up in one shootin’, just one!But a man lost his life and I took it! You don’t know how that feels, and believe me boy, you don’t ever want to know. Notever!

“Hell, many of your own police chiefs question this law, Governor.” Wyatt picks up the newly signed document. “This new law that you’re so proud of removes a restriction that prevented those convicted of certain misdemeanors from getting a gun permit. Your own law men will not even be allowed to stop a person to check if he’s got a weapons license. You think that’s good law?”

The governor just glares at him. “Georgia supports the Second Amendment and this law ensures our right…”

“Right!” Wyatt cuts him off. “RIGHT? You think anyone’s gonna give a damn about your rights when your friend or brother is lying dead in a bar or church somewhere?”

“Hold on, there, Wyatt. You may not favor it, but we have a responsibility to the people…”

“With great power comes great responsibility, Governor, and from where I stand, you’ve got too much of one and not enough of the other.”

Wyatt looks around the room recognizing that he’s changing nobody’s mind today. “All right, boys …you called down the thunder, well now YOU’VE GOT IT!

“As for me, I’m headin’ back to Tombstone …it’s a helluva lot safer. Have a good day, gentlemen. You all have a very good day.”


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