September 2009

“I Want My Country Back!”

Wade Clark Roof is Director of the Walter H. Capps Center for the Study of Ethics, Religion, and Public Life at the University of California at Santa Barbara.  Working with Clark on the poll, “The First 100 Days – Integrity, Leadership, Trust” was more than Read More

Making Things Grow

Jim McCann likes to make things grow.  McCann acquired the 1-800-FLOWERS number in 1986 after successfully building his own chain of 14 flower shops in the New York metropolitan area. While creating a reliable brand name, he focused on instilling a sense of trust and … Read More

Keeping Me Honest

After posting this commentary, I learned that Susan Atkins had died late last night. On September 4, I offered an ethical scenario.

How Would You Decide? asked readers on both my own Web site and Huffington Post to put themselves in the place of parole … Read More

Has America Lost its Moral Compass?

A Rap star takes the stage from one award winner shouting that another should have won. A TV pundit calls the President a racist. During a Presidential address to Congress, a representative shouts, “You lie!”

Lumbering through a moral wilderness of incivility and unreason we … Read More

Speaking of Accountability

One of the best examples of corporate responsibility came from a conversation I had with former Johnson & Johnson Chairman James E. Burke.

In the fall of 1982, Burke was confronted with a nightmare scenario. Seven people in the Chicago area had died after ingesting … Read More


This is one judge you never want to face. If you’re an executive at the Securities and Exchange Commission and Bank of America, Judge Jed S. Rakoff is one court official you don’t want to mess with.

During the takeover of troubled financial giant … Read More

A Way to Honor

On September 11, 2001 Glenn Winuk lost his life while rescuing people in the South tower of the World Trade Center. However, rather than follow the yearly memorials to those who died at the hands of terrorists, Jay Winuk, Glenn’s brother, along with fellow public … Read More

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September 2009 Ethical Hero – Stan Brock

While everyone agrees that health care needs reform, agreement on exactly how remains to be seen. Stan Brock isn’t waiting for change.  His group provides health care for those that need it most. “If you’ve got a mouth full of bad teeth and you can’t … Read More

The Junius Kellogg Story

It’s not easy to do the right thing when everybody’s making money but you.  That’s why ’50s Manhattan College basketball star Junius Kellogg stood out in more ways than one.

In the superb 1998 HBO documentary, City Dump: The Story of the 1951 Basketball Scandal,Read More