September 2009

When is it Not the Public’s Right?

Last Friday (Sept. 4) Huffington Post ran a photo on the front page of its site with the headline, “Snapshot of an Unseen War.”  The photo depicted the final hours of life of Lance Corporal Joshua M. Bernard, 21, after he was struck down by … Read More

Last Friday, I offered an ethical dilemma. I asked readers to imagine sitting on the California parole board to decide whether to grant convicted murderer Susan Atkins “compassionate release” based on her terminally ill condition.

I asked readers to offer their thoughts before submitting my … Read More

Uncommon Sense

In words that I can only describe as abominably ignorant, a number of state legislators and others have said the following regarding President Obama’s planned address to school children regarding education and achievement via the Internet Tuesday.

Senator and candidate for governor of Oklahoma Randy … Read More

How Would You Decide? – Part I

You sit on the California state parole board looking into a request to release Susan Atkins, the terminally ill prisoner convicted of participating in the killing of actress Sharon Tate and four others in 1969.

At the parole hearing, you listen to family members of … Read More

An Uncivil Season

This past summer, social interaction has been a disgrace. I’m talking about the lack of civility brought about by the health care debate.  Among the most demonstrative was an interchange between Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank and a constituent.

Holding up a picture of President Obama … Read More