Ode to Joy

Published: September 25, 2020

By Jim Lichtman
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In all the chaos and division, perhaps all of us have a responsibility to ourselves to step back, push aside differences and focus on a moment of joy, something we could all use right now.

The 2020 baseball season is not only shorter, but due to the virus restrictions, there are no fans in the stands. There is nothing, nothing like the deafening sound of a crowd anticipating a magic moment. This is one of them.


Game 1 of the World Series.

Oakland A’s. Los Angeles Dodgers.

4-3, Oakland.

Bottom of the ninth.

Two outs.

Dennis Eckersley on the mound for the A’s.

50,000 fans on their feet.

“…and look who’s coming up?

This moment from 2016, comes for an event that took place in the Catalonian city of Sabadell, placa de Sant Roc.

Just stop whatever you’re doing, sit back and take a moment to embrace the joy.


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