Who We Really Are

Published: April 30, 2021

By Jim Lichtman
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With all the division in the country and the world, how can we begin to change if we don’t recognize who we really are?

French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote, “We are one, after all, you and I, together we suffer, together exist and forever will recreate one another.”

American-Israeli artist Efrat Cybulkiewicz: “We are more alike than different. We Are One.”

Britain’s Transpersonal psychologist Anita B. Sulser PhD: “All religious and spiritual practices lead to one deep realization: We Are One. All is One.”

Japanese Poet Ryunosuke Satoro: “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Even Disney’s Lion King Part 2 has an original song called, “We are One.”

While this sounds comforting, even spiritual, I never really grasped the empirical truth until now.

Sixty-seven people from around the world came together as part of an experiment. They were individually interviewed about their backgrounds, likes and dislikes. A DNA sample was taken from each, and the results were captured in a remarkable video. The project was initiated by Momondo, a travel fare aggregator. Partnering with Ancestry.com, they launched a campaign in 2016 that became “The DNA Journey.”

Watch the video, then go to the website and read more about the project and the individual videos that are posted. Then share the video with others.

Chinese philosopher and father of Taoism, Lao Tzu, understood this oneness in the 6th century. “When you perceive that an act done to another is done to yourself, you have understood the great truth.”


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