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Published: October 25, 2018

By Jim Lichtman
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The political poison that has infected the electorate can no longer be ignored.

Each incident – from the shooting of congressional Republicans on a baseball field last year, to the venomous Senate hearings last month – raises the threat toward greater violence.

Given the most recent act of terror involving multiple pipe bombs sent to former and current politicians, an actor, cable news network and a growing list of others, the situation has moved beyond divisive to dangerous. While it’s easy to finger-point and blame, that’s less important, now.

What’s needed now is a serious intervention of rationality. Now, political leaders in Washington need to step up and speak out.

If every member of congress sincerely abhors the dark turn in our political discourse, here’s your chance to stand up and be counted by taking The Pledge:

“As a member of congress, I am sickened by the toxic rhetoric that has divided our country.

“My conscience will no longer allow me to remain silent while reprehensible language becomes just another normal part of our political culture.

“As an elected leader, I personally pledge to neither support nor ignore any politician or candidate, regardless of party, who contributes to such a toxic environment and will only support respectful discourse.

“As an elected leader, I personally pledge not to engage in any rhetoric, or use any images that would personally attack an opponent or group.

“As an elected leader, I understand that I have a responsibility to act in a way that represents the best of America. I, therefore, pledge to focus on differences and solutions as they relate to the issues while working toward greater consensus.

“I recognize that I have a duty to be the change we wish to see.

“I pledge to do no less.”

If you agree, please pass it on.


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