Published: December 17, 2012

By Jim Lichtman
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There will always be senseless acts of violence in a free society, but…

…when will we develop the social consciousness that says, we will not allow tragedies like Newtown, Connecticut to happen again and again?

When will we act like the adults and parents we want our kids to be?

When will we demonstrate the fundamental respect for each individual, human life that tells us that the status quo is no longer acceptable?

When will we move from studies and debates to sensible and sustainable action?

When will our leaders develop the political will to act?

When will our leaders display the moral will?

When will they elevate moral courage above political expediency?

When will we see less shortsightedness and more wisdom?

When will we move from a culture focused on rights to a culture focused on both rights and responsibilities, equally?

When will we see a turning point?

When will we become less narrow-minded and more open-minded?

When will we raise common sense above a sense of entitlement?

When will all of us demand more from our elected leaders concerning reasonable and responsible gun regulation?

When will we all do what we all know is right?


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