Published: May 10, 2024

By Jim Lichtman
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She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor,
And she’s dancing like she’s never danced before. —Michael Sembello, Flashdance

I’ll give Marjorie Taylor Greene credit for two things: she knows exactly who she is and exactly what she’s doing. Of all the Trump wannabes, Greene sits at the top of the heap. She takes self-aggrandizement to a new level. No, arrogance. No, contempt. No, it’s all three. And . . . it’s all theater. (With all the Republican infighting, it’s a poor man’s “Succession.”)

Act I:

Greene demanded that Johnson promise three key actions:

  • No more aid to Ukraine.
  • No bill should be brought to the floor unless the majority of Republicans support it.
  • Have the Justice Department remove funding from the special counsel investigations into former president Trump’s actions regarding January 6 and the classified documents case.

“I have high expectations, and they have to be met in full,” Greene told former Trump adviser Steve Bannon on his War Room podcast. “There is no middle ground, there is no compromise.”

“I take Marjorie’s ideas and Thomas’ and everybody else’s equally and we assess them on their own value, and where we can make improvements and changes and all of that, we do. That’s what this is. There’s nothing more than that going on,” Johnson said . . .  tongue in cheek.

Act II:

Greene threatens to bring the Johnson ouster to a vote on the floor.

“I think every member of Congress needs to take that vote and let the chips fall where they may and so next week, I am going to be calling this motion to vacate. Absolutely, calling it,” Greene said at a news conference. “I’m the biggest supporter of President Trump,” she said. “I fight for his agenda every single day, and that’s why I’m fighting here against my own Republican conference.”

“This motion is wrong for the Republican Conference, wrong for the institution, and wrong for the country,” Johnson countered.

Act III:

Greene reels it out there to see if anyone would bite.

No sooner had the gentle lady from Georgia finished than she was met with a a bipartisan hallelujah chorus of boos.

This all began earlier this year when Kevin McCarthy’s ego craved the speakership so badly that he allowed a single House member to make a motion to remove him and guess what? He was out the door faster than a politician changes his mind.


Greene’s plan was defeated: 359 to 42.


But wait! . . . Simon Cowell went crazy over her performance.

“I definitely want her on AGT next year! No one puts on a political show like Greene, and frankly, I think she’d be a strong contender for the finals.”

Me? I’ll stick with Mister Ed.


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