Willing to Pay The Price in Blood

Published: February 15, 2024

By Jim Lichtman
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On the 6th anniversary of the Parkland school shooting, the country faced another mass shooting. This time, at a celebratory event for the Kansas City Chiefs football team in downtown Kansas City

Once again, Washington leaders remain unwilling and unable to address an issue of such grave and growing importance.

Once again, America’s rights trump the responsibilities we have to our communities and each other.

One of America’s most prolific and popular writers, Stephen King, summed up the issue in 160 words.

There is no solution to the gun problem, and little more to write because Americans are addicted to firearms.

“Representative Jared Golden, from Maine’s Second Congressional District, has reversed course and says he will now support outlawing military-style semiautomatic rifles like the one used in the killing of 18 people in Lewiston this week. But neither the House nor the Senate is likely to pass such a law, and if Congress actually did, the Supreme Court, as it now exists, would almost certainly rule it unconstitutional.

“Every mass shooting is a gut punch; with every one, unimaginative people say, ‘I never thought it could happen here,’ but such things can and will happen anywhere and everywhere in this locked-and-loaded country. The guns are available and the targets are soft.

“When rapid-fire guns are difficult to get, things improve, but I see no such improvement in the future. Americans love guns and appear willing to pay the price in blood.”

What will it take to stop the senselessness of it all; and when will that happen?


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