A New Hope

Published: December 24, 2023

By Jim Lichtman
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With America and the world mired in chaos and conflict, a symbol of hope rises like a phoenix at Notre Dame Cathedral after a fire nearly destroyed the 860-year-old limestone landmark.

In 860 years, Notre Dame has survived the War of the Roses, and witnessed the Russo-Turkish War, the Napoleonic and Yugoslav Wars, the Hundred Years’ War (116 years), World Wars I and II . . . and more.

In the darkest moments of desperation and death, people looked for hope, a prayer to overcome every doubt, every fear, every critical thought, and every seeming obstacle to living a life of peace, abundance, purpose, and love.

What made the difference then is what can make a difference now.


In the darkest moments that almost destroyed a symbol of hope and resilience, the faith of many worked together to restore a church.

Together, let’s work to restore our faith in each other.


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