One Truth

Published: November 2, 2021

By Jim Lichtman
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Every Republican in Congress who has dismissed, downplayed, falsely labeled, remained silent, or criticized the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol should be required to watch Four Hours at The Capitol in its entirety.

Except they won’t.


Because their personal interests take precedent over the people they were elected to represent and serve.

Because they’re rolling the dice that their almighty savior will lead them to another term in office. There’s only one way to describe them: cowards; cowards to their party’s principles; cowards to the constitution; and cowards to American Democracy.

Watching the HBO documentary shows, in stark contrast, the difference between actual reality and Trump reality, including the inane attempt by some Republicans to gaslight the rest of the rational people from the truth.

Andrew Clyde, Republican congressman from Georgia, characterized the event as a “tourist visit.”

Ron Johnson, Republican Senator from Wisconsin suggested that it was largely a “peaceful protest.”

My question for both Clyde and Johnson: Where were you when the Capitol was under attack?

Anyone with the slightest doubt about January 6 should look at Four Hours at The Capitol with your own eyes and ears, because it’s clear that Johnson, Clyde and others are deaf, dumb and willfully blind about the truth.

Four Hours at The Capitol airing on HBO, literally offers a blow-by-blow account of the January 6 insurrection. With interviews from Capitol police, lawmakers and news reporters, the documentary is bone-shakingly real as you watch how police were threatened and beaten, not by “peaceful protestors,” but by an out-of-control mob of Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol in an effort to tear apart the fabric of our Republic.

Republicans who stand with Trump should be required to watch the testimony from Officer Michael Fanone as he described what took place in doing his job in protecting lawmakers inside:

“I heard chanting from some in the crowd, ‘Get his gun and kill him with his own gun.’ I was aware enough to recognize I was at risk of being stripped of and killed with my own firearm. I was electrocuted again, and again, and again, with a taser. I’m sure I was screaming, but I don’t think I could even hear my own voice.”

They should be required to watch Officer Harry Dunn as he described to lawmakers what he faced:

“One woman in a pink ‘MAGA’ shirt yelled, ‘You hear that, guys, this nigger voted for Joe Biden!’ Then the crowd, perhaps around twenty people, joined in, screaming ‘Boo! Fucking Nigger!’ No one had ever – ever — called me a ‘nigger’ while wearing the uniform of a Capitol Police officer. In the days following the attempted insurrection, other black officers shared with me their own stories of racial abuse on January 6.”

Forget the posturing, lawsuits, claims of executive privilege, the lies by FOX “News,” there is but One Truth: the U.S. Capitol building was attacked by Trump insurrectionists who were encouraged to come to Washington by the outgoing president, and fueled by his angry and hateful rhetoric, violently entered the capitol who, in their own words, where there to stop the certification of free and fair election ballots.

The soul of America democracy was attacked on January 6, 2021 and those responsible for the attacks and the lies that continue should be held accountable.


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