He’s Like Darth Vader Without the Warmth

Published: June 10, 2020

By Jim Lichtman
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Submitted for your consideration.

Vader works on behalf of the Emperor.

Barr works on behalf of a man who believes he is “Emperor.”

When displeased, Vader chokes the life out of his minions.

When displeased, Barr chokes the life out of the justice system.

Vader intimidates with a dark suit and deep sullen voice.

Barr intimidates with a cheap sullen voice and expression.

Let’s dive deeper.

In his summary released to the public, Barr mischaracterizes a report by Robert Mueller whose investigative integrity is second to none. He describes the investigation as “one of the greatest travesties in American history,” then opens an investigation to investigate the investigators on the thinly veiled request of the authoritarian in the White House he zealously protects, and vows to “bring to justice people who were engaged in abuses.”

He intervenes in the case of Roger Stone, a friend of the president, who not only lied to Congress but tampered with a witness. After Stone was sentenced to “prison for his crimes after securing convictions on all seven charges,” all four prosecutors from The Justice Department withdrew from the case after Barr’s intervention.

“History is written by the winners,” Barr callously said in response to a question put to him after he requested the court to drop all charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn after Flynn lied to the FBI twice about speaking to a Russian ambassador regarding U.S. imposed sanctions on Russia before Trump took office.

Barr’s reasoning: even though Flynn admitted to the lies, he should not have been interviewed by the FBI in the first place.

Wouldn’t you love to have Bill Barr handle all your personal legal problems, especially the ones where you’re guilty?

More than 2,200 former Justice attorneys called for Barr’s resignation, whose “behavior,” they wrote in an open letter, “is a grave threat to the fair administration of justice.

“If any of us,” the attorneys write, “or anyone reading this statement who is not a friend of the President, were to lie to federal investigators in the course of a properly predicated counterintelligence investigation and admit we did so under oath, we would be prosecuted for it.”

Can Barr get away with all this?

“I find your lack of faith disturbing,” Vader would say.

In a 2019 commencement address to graduates at Notre Dame Law School, instead of inspiring future attorneys to work on behalf of the law that represents all people, Barr blames “the steady erosion of our traditional Judeo-Christian moral system.… on a growing ascendancy of secularism and the doctrine of moral relativism.”

It’s interesting that the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in the country uses the term “moral relativism.” As a practitioner of the dark arts, “moral relativism” is precisely the political weapon he uses to defend and protect – not the constitution that strives to ensure equal justice under the law – but the personal interests of the master he so willing serves.

In that same address, Barr hypocritically explains to students, “Men are subject to powerful passions and appetites, and, if unrestrained, are capable of ruthlessly riding roughshod over their neighbors and the community at large.”

Apparently, Mr. Barr hasn’t looked in the mirror or the White House, lately.

Jonathan Kravis, the attorney prosecuting the Flynn case resigned from the Justice Department after Barr’s involvement, writing, “For the attorney general now to directly intervene to benefit the president’s associates makes this betrayal of the rule of law even more egregious.”

Attorneys at Justice be warned: “the Emperor is not as forgiving as I am,” Vader would add.

Reflecting on his legal judgments in an interview with Mattathias Schwartz for The New York Times Magazine (June 1), Barr said, “I’ll live or die by my decisions.”

As Vader lays dying, in “The Return of the Jedi,” Luke implores his father to leave with him. “I have to save you.”

“You already have,” Vader says, acknowledging the redemption he has found.

In the legend of Bill Barr’s mind, he believes he is justice. But if Trump wins re-election, “justice” for one will mean injustice for all.

I will return Monday, June 15.


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