Moms Matter

Published: April 28, 2015

By Jim Lichtman
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Amid the chaos and violence of the Baltimore riots on Monday, one individual – a mother – took accountability into her own hands.


In a video, captured by ABC Baltimore affiliate WMAR (Apr. 28), a suspected rioter got the surprise and woopin’ of his life when his mother showed up to personally take charge of her son’s wrongdoing.

According to the station, “The mother saw her son on television throwing rocks at police. That’s when she’d had enough, dishing up a dose of discipline. She chases the adolescent around, slapping him and giving him a profanity-laced lecture that rioting is not OK.

“WMAR said that the city’s police commissioner, Anthony Batts, applauded the mom’s actions. ‘Several juveniles are part of these aggressive groups. WE ARE ASKING ALL PARENTS TO LOCATE THEIR CHILDREN AND BRING THEM HOME.’ ”

Several comments on the station’s website called the woman, “Mom of the Year” for her actions.

And the reaction on the kid’s face is priceless.


You can imagine what awaited him when he got home.

Hundreds of police could not contain the violence by rioters. But one mom was able to take decisive action.

I’m sure we’ll all learn the name of both the mom and her son soon. For now, we need a few hundred more moms like her!

In a related story, The Baltimore Orioles baseball team has announced that, for the safety of fans as well as the prevention of any demonstrations, they will play tonight’s game to an empty stadium.

“The Baltimore Orioles,” USA Today reports (Apr. 28) “postponed games yesterday and today against the Chicago White Sox, as the city deals with rioting. The team released schedules for the coming week. Tomorrow’s scheduled game vs. the White Sox, in a scene out of European soccer, will be played in an empty stadium. The scheduled weekend series Fri-Sun against the Tampa Bay Rays will be played in Tampa.”


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