Et Tu, Peggy, Et Tu?

Published: July 5, 2017

By Jim Lichtman
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There is no nice way to say it: I am tired of political leadership in Washington using words like “inappropriate,” “inconsistent,” a “distraction,” and “un-presidential” to describe what my parents, grandparents, teachers, religious leaders, and most anyone with common sense would otherwise call, WRONG!

To state the obvious: we have a 71-year-old president whose Twitter rants demonstrate that he is a thin-skinned, clownish, self-absorbed, sexist, liar-in-chief, who believes that any media … ALL media, that is not complementary of him, is “FAKE NEWS!”

Even Richard Nixon reserved his harshest words against the press for the Oval office.

Speaking of Nixon, here’s how Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein – someone not unfamiliar with the excesses of presidential power – responded (June 30), when recently asked to evaluate President Trump:

“I think something much greater is happening, and that is, that we are in the midst of a malignant presidency, and that malignancy is known to the military leaders of the country; it’s known to the Republican leadership in Congress who recognize it and it’s known to the intelligence community.

“…the presidency of Donald Trump is not functioning,” Bernstein added, “because the character and capabilities of this president are called into grave question in a way that those who know him best are raising serious concerns about.”

Those who know him best are his wife, First Lady Melania, and, first daughter and advisor to the president, Ivanka.

Last November, the first lady spoke about a worthy issue she wished to take a public stand against: Cyber-bullying.

“Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers,” the first lady said. “It is never OK when a 12-year-old girl or boy is mocked, bullied or attacked. It is terrible when that happens on the playground and it is absolutely unacceptable when it’s done by someone with no name hiding on the internet.”

Well, there’s the loophole: she’s referring to “12-year-olds,” not an adult male who continues to showcase his penchant for belittling women.

Nonetheless, when the first lady (and she is one), was asked to comment on her husband’s latest cyber attack against cable host Mika Brzezinski, another woman, her office commented for her:

“As the first lady has stated publicly in the past, when her husband gets attacked, he will punch back 10 times harder,” her communications director, Stephanie Grisham, said in a statement.

All due respect to the first lady, Melania Trump’s credibility on cyber-bullying is now zero.

And what about daughter, Ivanka? If you Google-search her name, one of the top listings reads:

“Ivanka Trump HQ – Inspiring and Empowering Women”

Recently, Ms. Trump confided to Fox & Friends, (June 12), about her time in Washington: “there is a level of viciousness that I was not expecting.”

Do I need to point out how hypocritical it is that the daughter of a president who routinely disparages women is unwilling to call out her own father after she labels others vicious?

As reported by PBS last April, Ivanka “pledged to push for ‘incremental, positive change’ for women in the U.S. economy…”

Well, there’s the loophole: “incremental.”

What was Ms. Trump’s response to her father’s latest tweets against a woman?

Silence, at least, publicly.

Ivanka Trump’s credibility on “empowering women” against bullies: zero.

In her weekly Wall Street Journal column, former Reagan speech writer Peggy Noonan addressed the on-going congressional debate on health care (July 1), “Here is a thing that would help,” Noonan offers, “a little humility from the Democrats and a little humanity.”

I agree. BOTH sides need to come together in this debate. In fact, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said as much in a public statement to the president from the floor of the Senate:

“President Trump, I challenge you to invite us, all 100 of us, Republican and Democrat to Blair House to discuss a new bipartisan way forward on healthcare in front of all the American people.”

Trump’s response: “I gotta find out if [Schumer’s] serious. He hasn’t been serious.”

And Noonan’s response to the most recent Trump Attack-Elephant-in-the-Room… Silence.

Peggy Noonan’s credibility on the president’s personal attacks against a woman journalist: unacceptable.


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