April 2010

What Would Reverend Barbie Do?

She’s smart, sassy, and now she’s sanctified.  Who am I talking about? Why, it’s Episcopal Priest Barbie! That’s right, fun and flirty Barbie trades her hip Malibu pad for mission furniture better suited to her life’s latest mission: the rector at St. Barbara’s by-the-sea in… … Read More

What Would Hippocrates Do?

Doctors are familiar with the Hippocratic Oath – a pledge taken by incoming physicians that they will practice medicine in an honorable way.

However, one partisan urologist in Mount Dora, (a little town not far from Orlando, Florida), has allowed politics to intrude into his … Read More

Like a few million other kids growing up in the fifties and sixties, I tuned in each week to watch the adventures of Davy, Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier, and yes I was wearing my official Davy Crockett coonskin cap.

Davy Crockett, Indian Read More

Mr. Jones and Mr. Youngs

During the 1920s, Americans enjoyed sports like never before, and why not when they could enjoy the likes of baseball’s Babe Ruth, boxing’s Jack Dempsey, football’s Red Grange, and tennis champ Bill Tilden.

However, none exemplified the truest principles of sportsmanship better than Robert Tyre … Read More

Congress Passes $8 Trillion Ethics Reform Bill

WASHINGTON – In a move that was described by freshman Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown as “the most extraordinary piece of legislation I’ve seen in my life on the hill,” the House approved a Senate version of a long delayed ethics reform measure.

Early this morning, … Read More