April 2010

This One’s for Amanda

I have this friend, Amanda.  She’s smart, funny, young and passionate about a great many things, but… at the top of the list would have to be human rights.

Amanda is so fervent about the rights of others that she started her own non-profit … Read More

Cups and Balls, Part II

You’d look like this too, if you had to sit before Chairman Carl Levin and the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations looking into alleged improprieties of investments and investment procedures by Wall Street banking and investment giant Goldman Sachs.  Get a load of the … Read More

“Let me see your papers.”

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 
– Matthew 7:12, (King James) The Bible “I won’t tolerate racial profiling… We must enforce the law evenly, and without regard to skin color, accent, or social status. We must prove the alarmists and Read More

Still Riding High

No, those aren’t the Cartwrights and we’re not on the Ponderosa. This is what I wrote concerning Honesty and Trust in America on March 28, 2008: When it comes to corruption, the Four Horsemen of the Ethical Apocalypse remain:  Money, Power, Influence and Arrogance.… Read More

A Network of Anger

There’s a signature moment in the 1976 film Network in which a drunk and dispirited Howard Beale who – after losing his news anchor job – abandons his script, looks straight into the camera and, in an astounding bit of prescience, begins his sermon from … Read More

The Last Angry Man?

It’s interesting to note that the recent incarnation of the Tea Party bears little similarity to the original activists of 1773 and that supporters who carry the flag, “Don’t Tread on Me,” are using it in an historically, inaccurate context.

The original Tea Party was … Read More

The One Where Jim Goes Back in Time

Tuesday night I was transported back to the 60s via the concert, RAIN – A Tribute to the Beatles.  It was a spectacular hard day’s night! In addition to the live music performed with look-a-likes and sound-incredibly-alikes, the stage work included multiple images from … Read More

Cups and Balls

When Hieronymus Bosch painted The Conjurer, in the 1500s, I’m sure he never imagined that the cups and balls routine he rendered would morph into a variety of schemes, scandals and shell games.

Here’s just a few that make this month’s list. The Eric … Read More

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“Within yourself, deliverance must be searched for, because each man makes his own prison.”– Edwin Arnold, English poet Take a look at this picture.  It’s a point of view directly behind Tiger Woods on his first day at The U.S. The Masters, golf’s golden … Read More