Nurses Do it Again!

Published: December 10, 2010

By Jim Lichtman
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For nine straight years, nurses continue to rank the highest in the Gallup organization’s annual Honesty and Ethics survey. They would have scored first in the last eleven years if it wasn’t for firefighters snagging the top spot in 2001. The survey results were released on December 3 of this year by the Gallup organization that has been running the annual survey since 1976.

“Eighty-one percent of Americans say nurses have ‘very high’ or ‘high’ honesty and ethical standards, a significantly greater percentage than for the next-highest-rated professions, military officers and pharmacists.”

“Firefighters were added on a one-time basis in 2001,” Gallup wrote, “to test their image following reports of their heroism after the 9/11 terror attacks; they finished first, at 90%. Nurses still managed a strong 84% honesty and ethics rating that year, tying for their highest ever. Prior to 1999, clergy or pharmacists were usually the highest-rated professions.”

Maureen Masson has been a practicing nurse for 40 years including 21 years in the California Air National Guard. More importantly, she has been a local friend for the last 12 years. ‘Mo’ is one of the most selfless individuals I know, and I have no doubt that her background in nursing has a lot to do with that. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty countless times serving in Desert Shield, training nurses and medical technicians how to prepare the big C-130s and 141s for hospital mode to carry wounded back from the war in Iraq.

A member of several non-profit boards, Mo just finished interviewing prospective candidates for Annapolis, West Point as well as the Air Force Academy, then passing along her recommendations to our local Congresswoman.

Playing at least three times a week, Mo’s particularly proud of the fact that she belongs to three golf clubs including two local and the CARGO Club from the Air National Guard.

She is the first person to volunteer whenever, wherever anyone is in need. In fact, she recently moved a friend into her ownhome after the friend lost her home.

In the third spot, with a score of seventy-one percent on the Honesty and Ethics survey, are pharmacists. From firsthand experience, my pharmacist, Peter Caldwell is always ready and able to give me all the information and advice I need to know about the variety of drugs I take, (prescription, of course), as well as answering any general health question. His knowledge is encyclopedic and his wisdom always sharp.

Both Peter and Mo demonstrate the highest level of integrity in not only practicing their respective professions, but as kind, caring, purposeful individuals. I’m lucky to know them both.


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