Jim’s on Hiatus

Okay, that’s really a fancy way of saying that I’m going on vacation.

Actually, I’m not going much of anywhere. What I will be doing is spending a lot more time, reading, thinking, and writing. I need some time away from a deadline to be able to step back and get some perspective.

Looking at this year’s archive, here are a few pieces worthy of a second look. January’s Memo to Congress seems just as valid now as it was then. Perhaps more so.

From June I liked the “Let’s Be Honest,” Talking Heads Edition. May’s Common Sense, Uncommon Man offers a brief, yet interesting look at the life of Thomas Paine. Last February, The Lone Ranger, Tonto and Me talks about how my first talk and book came about.

The Ethics Stupid, Swimsuit Edition was another sellout on all Internet websites not only for its stunning photo of Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker but more readers tuned in to read (no, really) ethicist Michael Josephson’s Five Steps to Principled Reasoning.

Among the pieces coming up – Who Listen’s Anymore? will talk about the great lack of listening by the left, right and most of the rest of us. The Two Mr. Becks offers an ethical examination of conservative radio-TV host Glenn Beck.  Later this year I hope to have an e-book available that examines Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter from an ethical perspective.

Finally, 2009’s end of the year commentary, Hope in a Time of Uncertainty garnered the most reader response ever. In light of that, I’m working on a new end of the year essay.

See you in September, or sooner… maybe.

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