Doing the Good

“Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued.” – Socrates

Remember Lucy van Pelt, the loud-mouthed, know-it-all critic of everyone, especially Charlie Brown? From time to time, she’d set-up a booth and hang out her shingle: Psychiatric Help 5¢.

With the coronavirus quarantine, 6-year-old Callaghan McLaughlin in Saanich, British Columbia puts his own positive spin on the concept. Rather than offer advice, sell lemonade or cookies, Callaghan set up a “Drive-by, Walk-by Joke Stand.”

Adhering to social distancing, visitors either walk up or drive by and Callaghan tells them some jokes.

“What is red, white and blue?” he asks a passerby, then waits for the traditional response, before giving them the punch line.

“A sad candy cane,” Callaghan says.

His purpose is simply to spread a little joy and lift spirits.

“Callaghan’s mother, Kelsea says that the youngster has been using one-liners from a kid’s joke book that she bought for him six months ago,” The Good News Network reports (Apr. 27). “Since she and her husband have already been privileged to hear the bulk of Callaghan’s jokes, she felt it was time he share his jokes with a new audience.”

Asked for another gem by the same visitor, he’s ready. “What’s black, white and red? … A penguin that’s embarrassed.”

When Callaghan is asked if he has any bad jokes, he’s quick to answer. “I don’t think I have any bad jokes, but my sister has awful ones.”

And the price for all these priceless jokes?

They’re free! “[Callaghan] wants people to save their money for more important things — like groceries.”

While the youngster is roughly the same age, Lucy’s approach is a bit sharper.

“I have deep feelings of depression,” Charlie Brown confides, “What can I do about it?”

Snap out of it! Five cents, please.”

(John McCall/South Florida Sun Sentinel)

Hott Legz is not a sports bar that is alphabetically challenged.

For nine years, the Fort Lauderdale restaurant’s patrons have written notes on thousands of dollar bills that cover every inch of the establishment.

“On one bill, ‘Da Bears’ is scrawled,” The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports (Apr. 15), “Another single, from a Jackson, Va., visitor, exclaims ‘I ate gator tail!’ as a nod to the alligator-inspired menu. Because this is also a sports bar, most scrawled messages range from punny and PG-rated (‘Lettuce Turnip the Beet!’) to raunchy and unprintable.

“Co-owner Juliana Sodre’s favorite dollar bill contains four words: ‘I love you forever.’ ”

When the coronavirus required Legz to shut-down, Sodre had to “layoff all but three of the pub’s 25 employees as they pivoted to takeout and delivery.”

However, Sodre had an additional idea to lessen the blow.

“ ‘…there’s literally money on the walls, so let’s donate it all to the employees,’ Sodre says. ‘We always had a running joke that if something went wrong with the bar, at least we had worst-case-scenario money. Well, this is a worst-case scenario.’

So, Sodre, her partner, Ky Novak and volunteers removed every one of the bills stuck or stapled to the wall, cleaned and counted roughly $10,000.

“ ‘At the end of the day,’ Ky Novak said, ‘it’s not life-changing money, but it can get them through the next week or two.’ ”

Moral of both stories: Let’s help where we can and bring a little smile to each other.

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