A Line of Awesomeness

With the continuing chaos coming out of Washington on an almost daily basis, we need re-acquaint ourselves with our better angels. This week, I offer three baseball stories.

This commentary is only 217 words, but it speaks volumes about civility and the simple human kindness that took place in the stands of a Detroit baseball park.

As reported by Vladimir Duthiers of CBS News (Aug. 15), “A routine foul ball at the Detroit Tigers game became anything but when 10-year-old Travis Blackwell decided to give the ball to an even younger fan, 7-year-old Michael Ogden.

“Can I give this ball to that kid down there because it’s his birthday today,” Travis asked his father.

He said that a couple years ago, he went to a game and got a ball, and the experience made his day. That’s why he wanted to share the love.

“ ‘I was kind of bummed, and then I got him catch a ball, and he just came down and gave it to me… I think was awesome,’ Michael said.

“But the boys weren’t done spreading happiness.

“ ‘A ball came over the net and the guy gave it to me,’ Michael said. ‘Then this little girl was sitting behind us, and I gave the ball to her, and it was her first baseball she has ever had.’

“Travis called it a ‘line of awesomeness.’ A line of awesomeness that became a home run in a lesson on civility” and kindness.

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