The Will Smith movie, Concussion, is about the brutal reality the National Football League continues to ignore.

It’s also the story of one man’s ethically courageous attempt to bring critical attention to what he uncovered and what is now called C.T.E. – Chronic traumatic Read More

No Excuse, Follow-up

On Monday, I contacted Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey’s office and explained about Dennis Haines’s battle with the V.A. system. A Vietnam veteran and recipient of both a Purple Heart and Bronze Star, Haines had been approved to receive drug treatment for the Hepatitis C he … Read More

Dennis Haines and the V.A. – Update

Last month, I wrote that SP4 Dennis Haines (Ret.) was one of approximately 174,000 Viet Nam vets who had contracted Hepatitis C through tainted blood. However, due to the extreme cost of the drug, Sofosbuvir, only about 15 percent have been treated thus far. After … Read More

Maria’s “Huge Mistake”

I’ve been a tennis fan since early childhood. Each year, I look forward to following the pros – men and women – compete in big 4 events known as the Grand Slam: Australian, French, British and U.S. Open.

Which is why it came as both … Read More

Shameful: An Update

In Monday’s commentary (Shameful), I wrote that, according to a report in Newsweek magazine, approximately 174,000 vets who contracted Hepatitis C through tainted blood while serving in Viet Nam have been struggling to get treatments from the Veterans Administration. Due to the extreme … Read More


Entering the downtown Washington D.C. headquarters, two plaques are visible: the first tells individuals where they are; the second lays out its mission – a mission that has, over decades, lost much of its trustworthiness. “In 2013,” CBS reports, “Vietnam veteran Zion Yisrael was told … Read More

I want to thank Sarah Mazerik for her thoughtful response to my July 2, commentary (It’s the Law), regarding the recent California law requiring that most children attending public or private school be immunized against contagious diseases. Mrs. Mazerik is an admirable example … Read More