October 2012

Heresy, Part III

What former Republican representative Mickey Edwards proposes in his new book, The Parties versus the People, can be seen by both Democrat and Republican parties as nothing short of heresy for a political system that has benefited them so much in the past. Both … Read More

Heresy, Part II

After serving 16 years as a Republican Congressman from Oklahoma, Mickey Edwards saw, firsthand, how the political system became dysfunctional.

In a book that I believe should be required reading for anyone who wants a clear explanation, as well as solutions, to the gridlock facing … Read More

The Fool and the Statesman

One day a fool and a statesman were featured on a television broadcast. While the fool had been featured on many, manybroadcasts over the last year, the statesman – ever mindful of thinking before speaking – chose to stay out of the spotlight.

The … Read More

Heresy, Part I

“Heresy: any belief or theory that is strongly at variance with established beliefs, customs, etc.”

“[James] Madison understood that in the end, democracy is not about policy but about process – it’s about how we select our leaders, how we deliberate, how we decide – … Read More


My opponent and I slowly walked to our lecterns.

While I was confident of my argument, I was nervous for the simple reason that this was my first debate and I had absolutely no idea how my audience would react, much less what kinds of … Read More

From out of the Past, Part III

This final ode to baseball comes from writer Norman Corwin. Originally posted May 12, 2008, he talks about two words that largely go missing today.

Last week I attended a special memorial of this master of word, wit and wisdom known to most simply as Read More

Out of the Past, Part II

At one time or another, all of us have benefited from the inspiration of someone – a teacher, mentor – someone. John McCarthy, a friend and teacher based in Washington, D.C., inspires excellence in his students. “The Manny Burriss Story,” from May 2008, is but Read More