October 2012

5 Things Clinton Teaches Us

After the 1998 scandal that rocked his presidency, President Bill Clinton was not one of my favorite people. When Clinton cheated with intern Monica Lewinsky he cheated the rest of the country at a time when things were dramatically improving.

When he left office, Clinton … Read More


Jack Welch is “one of America’s all-time great CEOs.” Jack Welch is “one of America’s all-time dumbest former CEOs.” Q: Which statement is true? A: Both.

That first quote comes from CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper; the second from me. Last Friday (Oct. 5), the … Read More

Moral Imperative

Fifty years ago, I came to Mr. Freeman’s freshman Algebra class struggling to understand little x’s and y’s. The Cuban Missile Crisis came into all of our living rooms at a time when the term “Special Bulletin” meant something more significant than “Breaking News.”

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Integrity Matters

James Burke, the Johnson & Johnson CEO whose leadership during the early 80s Tylenol scare elevated ethics over profit, died last week. In giving a talk to a group in Boston, I emphasized his story as an example in ethical leadership that we need to … Read More

Clint Eastwood: Actor, Director… Ethicist?

Who knew the legendary star of screen and Republican conventions was into the great ethical conundrums of the universe! In the years that Dr. Sara Anson Vaux taught religion at Northwestern University, never once did she consider that underneath Clint Eastwood’s gruff veneer was… … Read More