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What Would Reverend Barbie Do?
She’s smart, sassy, and now she’s sanctified.  Who am I talking about? Why, it’s Episcopal Priest Barbie! That’s right, fun and flirty Barbie trades her hip Malibu pad for mission furniture better suited to her life’s latest mission: the rector at St. Barbara’s by-the-sea in… Malibu. No matter the liturgical season, this pretty, peppy pastor is ready to go anywhere. From her exquisitely...
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April 9, 2010
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The Dalai Lama App
“It is in everybody’s interest to seek those [actions] that lead to happiness and avoid those which lead to suffering. And because our interests are inextricably linked, we are compelled to accept ethics as the indispensable interface between my desire to be happy and yours.” – His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama What is clear from the writings of the...
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December 7, 2009
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The Examined Life
Ever since I started searching the Internet I started collecting quotes.  I opened a file and every time I came across a quote that made a connection, I’d add it to the file.  It didn’t take long to discover a pattern – that true wisdom knows no period in history, religion, culture, race, age, gender or TV channel. Here are...
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August 3, 2009
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Obama and the ‘God Gap’
President Obama appears quite comfortable with religious language but clearly wants to defuse the strong, divisive rhetoric surrounding it. This was apparent in his inaugural address when he referred to the country as a “patchwork,” made up “of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and non-believers.” More than just multi-religious diversity, the deeper, more contentious clashes between believers and non-believers...
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June 5, 2009
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The Twinkle in Her Eye
Continuing my conversation with Bradley James and his time spent with Mother Teresa.  Bradley talks about a side of Mother that most people never saw. “People always ask me what she was like. “We know her as this Nobel Laureate, but what she did as a woman, a Western, European woman in Calcutta, India by creating that religious order in that...
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December 31, 2008
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My Time With Mother
Although faith is not an ethical value, its importance in driving ethical conduct should not be underestimated. In fact, the word faith comes from the Latin fidere meaning ‘to trust.’ According to the Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion, “Faith is an attitude or belief which goes beyond the available evidence.” Bradley James is a composer, pianist, singer and public speaker.  In 1987, his...
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December 29, 2008
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How to Improve the World
Tenzin Gyatso is the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet. He is both head of state (in exile) and the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people. He is admired and esteemed worldwide as a man who has championed policies of nonviolence. His consistent compassionate nonviolence, even in the face of great aggression, led to his receiving the Nobel Prize for Peace in...
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December 22, 2008
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Ethics and Religion – Part II
Continuing my conversation with Rabbi Rami Shapiro. How do you get people to look for the deeper, ethical insight in their beliefs? “I usually pull up all the stuff in the Bible that makes no sense, ethically. “A lot of people like to talk about Joshua at the battle of Jericho, where they knock the walls down, and there’s this great miracle...
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November 20, 2008
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In Conversation – Rabbi Rami Shapiro
Rabbi Chananya ben Akashya said: “To bring Truth to humankind, Reality creates Sages who carry it into the world. The Sages of Israel carry it as Torah. “To carry Torah into the world, The Sages ordain mitzvot: Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly…” Rabbi Rami Shapiro not only strives to live out this principle, but inspires others to do the...
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November 19, 2008
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Inflammation vs. Inspiration
Yesterday, Senator Barack Obama spoke out against the inflammatory remarks made by his former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Last Friday, Wright gave a performance before the National Press Club in Washington that can politely be described as all show and no substance.  He blustered, he shouted, he postured and puffed, he drifted, he wandered and along the way he...
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April 30, 2008