March 2014

Corporate Personhood

Hold on folks, we’re about to enter The Corporate Zone – that bizzaro world where upholding the law and common sense go to die. Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, corporations are not only people entitled to as much free … Read More


Confession: I once cheated, big time, on a college Astronomy test, but I had several good reasons.

1. The text was over-the-top incomprehensible.

2. The teacher was over-the-top boring.

3. The class was held at 7:00 in the morning! (Mornings are notmy best … Read More

When it comes to privacy and your personal information, the NSA is not the organization we need to worry about the most, data brokers are.

As I discussed on Monday, data brokers are busy compiling detailed profiles not only of your likes and dislikes, but … Read More

Who Really Controls Your Information?

Think the National Security Agency (NSA) is the greatest threat to American’s privacy?

Think again.

The number of data brokers – companies that collect, categorize and sell information about each of us – is mindboggling.

The following story by CBS News 60 Minutes (Mar. 9) … Read More

The Ethical Take

The Dow Jones on compliance and ethics; BP on doing the right thing; and an action-oriented entrepreneur top the list this month.

Who says nobody’s interested in Ethics? –

A full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal publicized The Global Compliance Symposium to be held … Read More

Justice Realized

Malaysia Flight 370 has been lost for 12 days and the story continues to drive much of the news cycle.

Then there are stories that take decades to resolve. In the case of 24 recipients of the Medal of Honor, some have taken 60 years.… Read More


There’s a strange thing about real life stories that make them more compelling than fiction. The random chances of life intrude in such a way that we are left to make sense out of a cloud of unanswerable questions.

Such has been the case with … Read More