March 2014

Who are the Koch Brothers? – Part 1

True story: I once asked someone at a social function their opinion of the Koch brothers. Their repy, “I don’t know them, but I’ve been drinking Coke for years!”

David and Charles Koch are businessmen/owners of Koch Industries, the second largest privately owned company in … Read More

Is Honesty the Best Policy in an Unjust World?

That’s the question a friend recently asked. I decided that it might make an interesting assignment for Professor Stephen Ambra and Sarah Hébert’s ethics class at The New Hampshire Technical Institute.

Clearly the wording appears a bit cynical, suggesting that if we live in unfair … Read More

Every day in life is beautiful

Every year at Oscar time, Hollywood’s best and brightest are acknowledged. And while the category of Best Documentary Short Subject is part of the annual ceremony, I’ve no doubt that most people rarely if ever, see any of the films in this category.

Nonetheless, one … Read More