December 2008

The Winter of Our Discontent

The slide began in September. Lehman BrothersMerrill LynchA.I.G., Fannie and Freddie, GMFordChrysler, Representatives Tim Mahoney and Charles Rangel, Senator Ted Stevens.

Early yesterday we learned of the arrest of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on … Read More

Say it Ain’t So, Cheeta!

In 2007, author Richard Rosen had a Hollywood dream job – to write an authorized biography of Cheeta, the chimp used by MGM in the Tarzan movies of the ’30s and ’40s.

According to Rosen’s own account in the Washington Post (Dec. 7), “When the … Read More

Shootout at the Bailout Corral

Your son comes to you asking for a loan to help his struggling company.

The company has been successful in the past, but due to the current economy, no bank is willing to loan him the necessary funds.  So, he now pleads his case with … Read More

What’s the Matter with Kids, Today?

On November 13, a 17-year-old grocery bagger, found a brown, canvas money bag in the bathroom of the supermarket where he works.  When he opened it, he found $10,000 in cash.

According to McClatchy Newspapers, the bag was “Stuffed with 50- and hundred-dollar bills… … Read More

The Red Set

One of my earliest memories of school days was reading and working on reports from the World Book Encyclopedia.

These hard-bound, red-covered books came in a 19-volume set produced by the Quarrie Corporation.  The copyright on my edition is 1941, but the copyright dates … Read More