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The Insider – 12 Years Later
There’s a moment near the end of the 1999 movie The Insider where Jeff Wigand is watching his whistle-blowing interview on 60 Minutes with his two daughters.  During the interview, one of his daughters looks over at him and slowly smiles. Between 1995 and 1996, Dr. Jeffrey Wigand lost his job, his house, his wife and for a time, his...
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May 10, 2008
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Operation KAOS
Cue the summer movie, world-in-peril music, followed by a deep-voiced narrator. “There has always been a delicate balance between chaos and control.  Now, with that balance threatened, it’s time to turn to one man…” CUT TO: A ROTUND MAN SITTING AT A MICROPHONE – “Rush Limbaugh had listeners register as Democrats for one day to go vote for Hillary… This...
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May 8, 2008
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The Value of an Apology
The CBS news show “60 Minutes” ran two compelling stories last Sunday (May 4).  I’m not sure if the producers were aware just how similar, yet ethically different the first two stories were. Both segments talked about mistakes that were made.  Both discussed the tragic, personal costs of those mistakes.  However, that is where one story took a “right” turn....
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May 7, 2008
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A Higher Ground
Dick Capen’s career is a unique blend of newspaper publishing and diplomacy. After leaving as publisher and chairman of The Miami Herald, Capen served as the United States Ambassador to Spain and Assistant Secretary of Defense. Known for his commitment to personal values and a positive approach to life, he is a nationally recognized columnist, author, and speaker on contemporary...
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May 5, 2008
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Courage Under Fire
Air Force Colonel Morris Davis chief prosecutor at the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba resigned last October due to political interference. “…we’ve really taken ‘military’ out of military commissions and inserted politics in its place,” Morris said in a December, 2007 interview on National Public Radio. “I took the job… with the agreement that I’d stay… as long as...
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May 2, 2008

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