March 2008

The Fog of Torture

“Washington – President Bush reversed course on Thursday and accepted Senator John McCain’s call for a law banning cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment of foreign suspects
in the war on terror.”

Wait, I’m sorry, I quoted the wrong story.That story, reported by the Associated Press, … Read More

Dear Roger

February 8, 2008 Mr. Roger Clemens
c/o The Washington Hilton Hotel and Towers
Washington, DC Re: Testifying before Congress

Dear Roger, In the past week you’ve been seen going from door to door visiting members of congress trying to drum up support to counter the … Read More

Top Ten Ethical Lapses of 2007

I don’t know about previous years, but 2007 certainly seemed to be a banner year for good and bad, (mostly bad) ethics-related stories. So many stories, so hard to choose… only ten!

January 1, 2007 started when Eliot Spitzer, New York’s ethical sheriff, is sworn … Read More

It’s Ethics, Stupid!

The genesis of this site began with an experiment.

I have long believed that ethics-related stories consistently dominate the news. You can’t open a major newspaper without finding at least one, usually more, ethics scandals in section A or Business. But I never sat down … Read More