June 2015

The Take was amazed and gratified by three positive events that demonstrated the best we can be.

Forgiveness –

At the bail hearing for the murder suspect in the Charleston Church shooting this past week, a remarkable and noble spirit spoke.

As reported by the … Read More

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In the Land of Canna

I rarely comment about ethical lapses that happen outside the United States, but this one’s unique.

The small island of Canna, off the coast of Scotland in the Hebrides, is a stunningly beautiful and tranquil place with a population of just 19 adults and four … Read More

After the Fall

Should we forgive Brian Williams?

After four months, we now know what will happen to former NBC Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams after being suspended for lying about his “war time” experience: He will not be returning to the anchor desk. The very able Lester … Read More

Running on Empty

Ladies and gentlemen, gracious readers of this website, I have the distinct pleasure to announce that the most forthright, magnanimous, trustworthy, humble, most noble…

…Oh, hell, I can’t do it. I’m sorry, Donald, I’m returning your check. I just can’t vouch for your character.… Read More

Deflategate Redux

Since the ignominy of Richard Nixon’s attempt to bug Democratic headquarters at the Watergate hotel in 1972, the media likes to christen any high-profile scandal with the suffix “gate.” The simple fact is that the deflation of footballs can’t compare to the pervasive illegality of … Read More

Even as he took the oath of office, Lincoln knew that civil war was coming. In his first speech as commander and chief, even as he urged restraint, he made clear “In your hands, my dissatisfied fellow-countrymen, and not in mine, is the momentous … Read More