January 2014

Grimm Reality

“If you ever do that to me again, I will throw you off this f…ing balcony.”

That was United States Representative Michael Grimm bluntly threatening NY-1 political reporter Michael Scotto.

After discussing Grimm’s reaction to the president’s State of the Union message, Scotto questioned the … Read More

Let’s Be Honest – Lions in Winter Edition

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A Dialogue Between Einstein and Socrates

If you think getting people to act more ethically is tough, try convincing the world to eliminate nuclear weapons. In his 2013 book, ZERO – The Case for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, founder and president of the Nuclear Age Peace FoundationDavid Krieger makes his case through Read More

When Politics Intrudes

On Friday, Texas Judge R.H. Wallace, Jr., ruled that Marlise Muñoz, a 33-year-old mother who has been on life support since November and pronounced brain-dead by doctors, should be taken off the ventilator that’s been keeping her alive for the sake of her unborn child.… Read More

Hell Freezes Over!

The Mahatma of mayhem, the Burgermeister of baloney, Glenn Beck has finally seen the Burning Bush of reason and declared – on FOX News of all places – that he played a role in dividing the country.

The man who said, “If you take what … Read More

Is It Ethical…?

… to hunt a rare and endangered species even if you pay a large sum earmarked to help that species?

Dallas-based hunter Corey Knowlton and his family have been targeted for reprisals when the world learned that he paid $350,000 to the Namibian government to … Read More

Should Good Works Trump Bad Behavior?

Last week, a federal judge in Chicago sentenced Beanie Baby king Ty Warner to two-years’ probation rather than prison for hiding at least $25 million from the IRS.

“Society will be better served,” U.S. District Judge Charles Kocoras said, “by allowing him to continue his … Read More