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If I Spoke to the House
If I were a member of the House of Representatives, here’s what I would’ve said to my colleagues last week. A member of this body recklessly posted an animated video that depicted them killing another member. We all know the difference between right and wrong. We all know what action we would take if any of our sons or daughters...
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November 22, 2021
Apocalypse Now
We are, all of us, standing at a crossroads. How we respond will determine whether we continue with a constitutional form of government with three co-equal branches, or a neo-fascist regime administered by an authoritarian, aided by a rogue attorney general, a self-assured Senate majority leader, a majority of silent Republicans, and a transparently dishonest cable opinion network that acts...
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September 28, 2020
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In This Moment
With the country facing multiple crises and Washington churning with dysfunction, is it any wonder Congress sits at a dismal 77 percent disapproval rating? However, there is one thing Republicans and Democrats can do to rescue their reputations and reclaim their commitment to duty well before the election. At a joint press conference, the leadership of both Houses could stand...
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September 8, 2020
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A Simple Solemn Message
Don’t get on Jon Stewart’s bad side. As the host of The Daily Show, Stewart was always on point in political skewering, but last Tuesday, Stewart, respectful and solemn, lectured Congress – specifically, the House Judiciary subcommittee – to a mostly empty room. He spoke about accountability, respect and most importantly, responsibility… theirs. “… as I sit here today,” Stewart...
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June 14, 2019