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Published: November 21, 2008

By Jim Lichtman
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Everyone and their brother is giving advice to President-elect Barack Obama these days.  (Mine was put forth in a letter addressed to both candidates the day before the election.)

Listening to NPR’s “Morning Edition” yesterday, correspondent Steve Inskeep reported that Phyllis Palmer’s kindergarten class (not pictured) in Essex Junction, Vermont wrote their own memo to President-elect Obama.

Here’s the advice the Vermont kindergarteners had for our 44th president:

“Be a good listener, make safe choices, organize, use kind words, protect us, be helpful, be nice, be a peacekeeper, be nice to other presidents, and take care of our world.”

The class also counseled the future president on his relationship with his two, young daughters.  They reminded Mr. Obama:

“…not to forget to read to them, play with them, sing songs to them, hug and kiss them, and bring them to work with you, sometimes.”

I can’t think of any better and more challenging words of advice for our next president.


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