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Facebook Redux
Last may, I discussed the downside to Web sites such as Facebook, (Facebook Nation) which has grown into a 500-million-strong social networking behemoth. “ ‘Social Networking,’ ” I wrote, “that’s geek speak for sharing interests, photos and whatever-pops-into-your-head-at-any-given-moment to one or more individuals via the internet. (God forbid you should pick up a phone and/or actually interact with someone face to face.)”...
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March 14, 2011
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Facebook Nation
Face-friend: Someone you are “friends” with on a website, such as Facebook and don’t acknowledge when you see them outside the internet. “So is Anna going to be at your party this Friday?” “No way. We’re just face-friends.” – Urban Dictionary In six short years the Internet website Facebook has grown tenfold. Twitter, MySpace, and Linkedin are all part of an...
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May 26, 2010
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No, that’s not the title of the latest Jim Cameron 3-D spectacular.  It’s what happened to me last Thursday while researching a couple of articles on the net. I click on a secondary page and bingo, a screen pops up with a big warning that says, “YOU HAVE BEEN INFECTED WITH A VIRUS, BUT… Don’t worry, we’re running a complete scan...
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March 8, 2010
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An app for that?
According to TV ads currently running for Apple, there are some 85,000 applications – apps – available for the I-Phone3GS. Many, not all, are free.  Among those downloaded to my phone:  NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, CNN, and Confucius; all, handy references that I check throughout the day or week.   » Read more about: An app for that?  »...
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October 30, 2009
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This One’s for Kyle
I finally got an iPhone. Not exactly a Luddite, I tend to go first by need, then by ability to learn.  I just learned how to use the navigation device in my car and I must admit it was the first time I drove the streets of San Francisco and looked like I knew where I was going. It’s the same...
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July 13, 2009
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What About Bob?
I have this friend; let’s call him “Bob.” Or rather, b — that’s how he signs his emails.  A typical message looks like this: i used less words than you b Most of “Bob’s” messages are usually clear and concise. Sometimes a little too concise: whatever happened to this? b Well,  » Read more about: What About Bob?  »...
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January 28, 2009
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But Wait… That’s Not All!
It’s new.  It’s terrific.  It’s the greatest thing since the I-Mac™, I-Pod™ and I-Phone™! What is it? It’s the XRS R9G IntelliLink™ Wireless Remote Maximum Performance Digital Radar/Laser Detector with Speed & Red Light Camera GPS Locator!! Wow, what’s that? Back in the day, we used to call it… a Fuzzbuster. Sooner or later, high-performance technology had to return to the...
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July 23, 2008