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How Do They Make That Call? – Conclusion
On Friday I wrote about the painful decision-making confronting physicians throughout the world who are not only facing a tsunami of coronavirus patients, but a shortage of critical supplies including ventilators, devices that provide air to those who are unable to breathe on their own. Ethical decision-making goes back as far as Chinese philosopher Confucius, who advised, “What you do...
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March 30, 2020
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How Do They Make That Call? Part 1
In a press briefing on Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo summarized the stark reality facing New York residents who are gravely ill with the coronavirus. In a message aimed at Trump administration officials, Cuomo said, “You pick the 26,000 people who are going to die because you only sent 400 ventilators.” Wednesday, Louisiana Governor John Edward warned that New...
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March 27, 2020
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Through a Lens, Clearly
“If [the people are] given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” – Abraham Lincoln Every day this health crisis grows more critical. Every day we hear conflicting information. Every day people are dying for lack of medical support, some of which is sitting in...
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March 25, 2020
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Remembering a Friend
Considering the skill and dedication of thousands of doctors, nurses and emergency workers battling a virus that continues to expand throughout the world, this story is yet another remarkable example such individuals perform every day. It’s a story worth reading. U.S. Army Major John N. Baldwin (Ret.) was one example of someone who has contributed to my life. As a...
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March 23, 2020
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Tonight, California Gov. Gavin Newsom took the extraordinary step in issuing a statewide “stay at home” executive order effective Thursday evening. Newsom called on residents to “recognize the reality” of the coronavirus pandemic. As this critical health crisis continues to spread throughout the U.S., I thought it would be important to update readers about the individual steps we can all...
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March 19, 2020
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“Crisis doesn’t change people; it reveals them.” – Eric Walters, Canadian author Character is not something we’re born with. It’s a combination of our highest attributes developed throughout our lives. Time and again, we see remarkable demonstrations of character in small and large ways. Many of them don’t make the news. Here are three that did. Last Wednesday, actor Tom...
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March 18, 2020
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It’s Not Just Irresponsible; It’s Dangerous
At a February 28 political rally, President Trump said, “The Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. … This is their new hoax.” In attempting to correct his meaning, Trump later said, “The ‘hoax’ was used with respect to Democrats and what they were saying. It was a ‘hoax,’ what they were saying.” No one is clear on what Trump was saying....
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March 16, 2020
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This is Real
As the CDC and Trump Administration officials struggle to get on top of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the House Committee on Oversight and Reform yesterday that the impact of the virus “will get worse before it gets better.” “I can say we will see more cases,”...
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March 13, 2020
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Much has happened in the last 24 hours regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) which is expanding throughout the United States and Europe. Here’s what we know. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.), a specialized agency of the United Nations concerned with public health throughout the world, declared the Coronavirus a pandemic, a disease epidemic that has spread across a large region. In...
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March 12, 2020
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Stairway to the Ninth Circuit
“No amount of money is worth having to sing ‘Stairway to Heaven’ like you mean it, night after night, after night, after night….” – Robert Plant, co-author, Stairway to Heaven, on refusing to reunite with rock band Led Zeppelin for a world tour. While the lyrics (largely obscure) are magical and mystical, (especially if you’re having an enhanced reality experience),...
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March 11, 2020

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