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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Social Media*
Social media and video-sharing sites have become the new weapon of choice by activists. The problem is the lack of responsibility shown by some users and readers of information that is used to exploit fears and biases with false theories and propaganda. E.g. David Hogg – The New York Times reports (Feb. 21), “…for a brief time, the No. 1...
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February 28, 2018
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Let’s Learn to Be Americans, Again
During a conversation with a friend about the Parkland school shooting, I was struck by something she said: “I’m not a Republican or a Democrat; I’m an American.” Wednesday’s news was consumed with the aftershock of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. The first half of the day was occupied with a listening session held by President Trump, attended...
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February 23, 2018
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Project Trump
Last Friday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein laid out chapter and verse on how the Russians meddled in our 2016 election, detailing a series of indictments by Special Counsel Robert Mueller III. “The indictment charges 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies for committing federal crimes while seeking to interfere in the United States political system, including the 2016 presidential...
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February 21, 2018
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A. Lincoln: The Interview
I was told by White House Press Secretary John G. Nicolay, that “Mr. Lincoln needed a little respite after recent news of a loss in our great civil war.” “John, I’ve been waiting months for this interview.” “He’s at Murphy’s Bar next door to the theater.” It was a bleak and rainy night when I walked through the front door...
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February 19, 2018
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This is Who We’ve Become
17 Dead after a shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. “Oh my God! Oh my God!” one student shouted in a cell phone video. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel: “This is catastrophic!” Action Congress has taken since the Sandy Hook School shooting five years ago: Zero. I was already working on a commentary regarding gun...
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February 16, 2018
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Good Goin,’ Mr. Ethics
At a recent concert with friends, I’m enjoying the anticipation of hearing Loggins and Messina in a rare, benefit concert. Just before the house lights dim, an announcement reminds the audience to be aware of the exits and that “recordings and photography are not permitted.” No sooner had the band begun playing then three people sitting directly in front of...
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February 14, 2018
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Why I Continue to Write about Trump
In her weekly column for The Wall Street Journal (Feb. 10), former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan shares some thoughts from Trump supporters and non-supporters, along with her own observations. One veteran remarked, “People who are for Trump always say, ‘look, he’s got an unfortunate character and temperament, but he’s good on regulation, good on the courts.’ “The problem, the veteran...
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February 12, 2018
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It’s About Time
A short series of stories about ethical minefields that have finally met their fate, maybe. Chief Wahoo Retires – Finally, the Cleveland Indians have announced that they will “retire” their “big-toothed, red-faced caricature” mascot “Chief Wahoo” used on uniforms, caps and other items. “The Indians have used the Chief Wahoo logo since 1947,” The Los Angeles Times reports (Jan. 29),...
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February 9, 2018
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Two commentaries regarding two possible wars demonstrate the vital need for statesmanship over salesmanship. Lawrence Wilkerson served as chief of staff for Secretary of State Colin Powell during the George W. Bush administration at the time the U.S. was ramping up for war against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. “Fifteen years ago,” Wilkerson writes in an opinion for The New York Times...
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February 7, 2018
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Extraordinarily Reckless
Those aren’t my words. Those words come from the Justice Department in a letter before the release of a Republican memo critical of judgment and investigative practices of both Justice and the FBI concerning their investigation of Trump associate Carter Page. (What follows is a condensed version of this story. To fully understand the memo’s context, you many want to...
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February 5, 2018