December 2016

2016 – Over Already?

With all the chaos in 2016, I thought I’d end on a positive note. Believe it or not, there were some bright spots. Here are a few standouts that I’ve been collecting. MBA – that’s Masters in Business Administration, online – offers a list of … Read More


“Journalists should accept moral responsibility for the foreseeable consequences of actions and inactions, including the example set for others and when in error, they should make full, fair, prominent and prompt corrections.”   – Michael Josephson, Ethical Principles of Journalism

The New York Times, Wall Street … Read More

(Somewhat) Completely Wrong

The day after the election – after Donald Trump was confirmed the winner – I sent a quick e-mail to a colleague: “Fear and prejudice just won last night.” His reaction was immediate and I’m paraphrasing, “Don’t say that! You’re using standard liberal stereotypes.” Was … Read More

Hands down, my wife’s favorite movie – the one she watches till the end, no matter when it started – is Overboard; that over-the-top, can-see-the-ending-a-mile-away romantic comedy starring Goldie Hawn and real-life partner Kurt Russell. Joanna Stayton (Hawn), is a wealthy, stuck-up, supremely bored … Read More

With all the noise in the world – much of it negative – it seems pretty clear that change is necessary and it begins with each of us.

When religious historian Karen Armstrong discussed a long desired wish for a better world at a TED … Read More

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”                   — Mohandas Gandhi, 20th Century Indian political leader

Recently, I ordered a hi-tech stationary bike for my wife for Christmas. Boy is she going to be surprised when she receives this gift that … Read More

Phil Connors: Do you ever have déjà vu, Mrs. Lancaster? Mrs. Lancaster: I don’t think so, but I could check with the kitchen.

In January 2005, film critic Roger Ebert had an epiphany. Groundhog Day, that eccentric, wholly original movie where Bill Murray plays … Read More

While the election is behind us and Donald Trump is scheduled to be the 45th President of the United States, I’m trying to be hopeful that he will be a positive force for the country and do the right thing. But it’s getting difficult.

On … Read More

A few years ago, a college buddy contacted me by e-mail with a headline and link to a website that talked about a conspiracy theory that he believed to be true.

His message: “Jim, you need to look into this. You can’t believe what they’re … Read More

We are standing on a precipice of an Alt-Reality where self-serving falsehoods are driving out truth and objectivity. Goodbye Walter Cronkite; hello Alt-Deceivers.

Fake news stories have quickly taken on a life of their own. Part of this is due to the hyperpartisanship of the … Read More