July 2014

Drones: Good or Bad?, Part 2

Do attacks by armed drones do more harm than good?

That’s the question posed in Room for Debate (Sept. 25, 2012), a regular column in The New York Times. “A new study,”Debate writes, “found that because of the many unintended civilian casualties, U.S. drone … Read More

Drones: Good or Bad?

Drones – unmanned aerial vehicles – seem to be everywhere in the news these days. Attending a recent fireworks show, I spotted something with blinking lights sitting in the same position in the sky. After watching it for more than twenty minutes, the blinking object … Read More

Seek the Truth and Report It

“Journalists should be honest, fair and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information.”
– Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics

Robert “Alex” Green, reporter and editor of the Bryan College newspaper, The Triangle, said that his teachers taught him to tell the truth, … Read More

Kiss Off

Kiss rocker Gene Simmons may be master of his hard-rock domain, but when it comes to off-the-cuff remarks about the U.S. tax system, he’s, well… you decide.

In an interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune (July 4), Simmons, boasting of his wealth, said, ” ‘I … Read More

Science and Fraud

This caught my attention on several levels: 1) Having known a few researchers, I always had a high opinion for the level of integrity. They are focused on results, yes, but the right results; 2) Once again we have another example where money – a … Read More

Hey, did Wainwright groove that pitch?

September 19, 1968: Detroit Tigers vs. New York Yankees.

The Tigers had already sowed-up the American League pennant and were leading the Yanks 6-1 in the top of the eighth inning when Mickey Mantle comes to the plate. Mantle had not homered for several weeks. … Read More

The Ethical Take

The stories in this month’s Take could make a zany Mel Brooks comedy if they weren’t, sadly, true.

Donald Sterling Redux –

The dichotomy that is Donald Sterling – the embattled owner of the Los Angeles Clippers with an intolerant mouth – just gets worse.… Read More