February 2009

A Way of Life

News stories regarding a lack of integrity appear far too often. But what does it mean to have integrity? One of the best commentaries on the subject comes from former Commandant of the Marine Corps and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Charles … Read More

Character Matters

Last weekend’s Wall Street Journal ran an essay entitled, In Praise of Transgressions by Joe Queenan.

Without condoning the very public offenses of Tom Daschle, Alex Rodriguez, Michael Phelps and others, Mr. Queenan posits the notion that rather than look upon the destructive actions of … Read More

Senate Blvd.

“You’re Roland Burris.  You used to be in the Senate.  You used to be big.” “I AM big.  It’s the Senate that got small.”

First, he’s in:  Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, arrested on corruption charges stemming from trying to “sell” Barack Obama’s Senate seat, appoints … Read More


Q:  “If your name was not revealed in the [Sports Illustrated] report, would you have come out on your own volition?” A-Rod: “I haven’t thought about that much.” Q:  “Do you consider what you did [using steroids] cheating?” A-Rod:  “That’s not for me … Read More

What is Your Purpose?

Jennifer Westbrook is a graduate from Hampton University’s Honors College who loves the music of Miles Davis and the writings of Frederick Douglass. Her story of respect is a timely reminder of the importance of recognizing the dignity of others.

“A homeless man sat alone … Read More

Deconstructing the Champ

Who does it hurt? That’s the question that needs to be answered when examining the issue of athletes lying about the use of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

It’s a question that warrants meaningful examination by anyone who owns a team or sponsors an athletic … Read More

The Obligatory Lincoln Piece

Did you know that Barneys is having a Warehouse Sale with savings between 50-75% off? ABC Carpet & Home is offering similar savings for its Presidents’ Day Extravaganza!

What would Mr. Lincoln say? “Money is only valuable while in circulation…” What about the bankers on … Read More

February 2009 Ethical Hero – Harry Markopolos

When Harry Markopolos testified before the House Financial Services subcommittee this month regarding Bernard Madoff’s $50 Billion Ponzi scheme, what surprised and angered House members most were the numerous and detailed warnings the former investment manager had given the SEC since 2000. “Nothing was done,” … Read More

A Bonnie Smoker

Edith Frederickson loves to smoke. In fact, the 72-year-old Belmont, California resident has been smoking for some 50 years in bars, restaurants, airplanes, trains, indoors and out.

However, two weeks ago the good citizens of Belmont enacted perhaps the toughest antismoking law in the country … Read More

A Good Judge of Character

When New York Federal District Judge Charles Brieant, Jr. died last summer the staff began packing up his chambers.  However, among his personal items was a painting that has many people talking

“Hanging on the wall,” the New York Times wrote, “along with portraits of … Read More