“He’s Our Role Model”

Published: July 20, 2018

By Jim Lichtman
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When a twenty-year old college student’s car broke down the night before he was to begin work at a new job, he immediately contacted friends for help, but no one was available.

After checking the mileage, Walter Carr realized it would take him about 7 hours from his house in Homewood, Alabama to Pelham where Bellhops moving company was located.

“I’ve never been that person that gives up,” Carr said. “I’ve just never seen myself doing that. I can only be defeated if I allow myself do be defeated.”

Carr decided to walk and left his house at about 11:40pm. He was about 14 miles into his trip when he stopped to catch his breath.

“Pelham police officer Mark Knighten,” CNN reports (July 18), “was making rounds in his patrol car when he saw Carr sitting on the ground, catching his breath. Because it was so late, Knighten pulled over to see what was going on.

“ ‘Less than a minute from hearing his story, we were like, wow, this kid seems determined,’ Knighten said.

“Knighten and his two partners took Carr to breakfast and got him lunch to go. Then they took him to a church to rest before his shift started at 8 a.m.

“When Carr continued his walk to work several hours later, another officer found him and drove him the rest of the way to the Pelham home of Jenny Lamey.

“Because Carr was early, Lamey asked if he’d like to rest upstairs in her house until the rest of the movers arrived. He said no and got to work.”

Lamey posted the story of Carr’s determination on her Facebook page which caught the attention of his new boss, Luke Marklin. Impressed with Carr’s resolve and character, Marklin decided to do something.

“ ‘We are a company that is trying to change a broken, not customer-friendly industry,’ Marklin said. ‘We’re trying to transform that with a lot of heart and a lot of grit. And when I read that story on Sunday I was blown away, and I couldn’t think of a better story of what this company is all about.’

“Marklin decided that since the only thing standing in the way of Carr excelling at his company seemed to be reliable transportation, he would do something about it.

“So, he gave Carr his own 2014 Ford Escape.

“ ‘It seemed like the car was going to be put to a lot better use,’ Marklin said. ‘He’s just awesome. He’s our role model.’ ”

It’s not a long story, but it’s a valuable reminder that there are people out there who are responsible and diligent to do whatever it takes to not only get the job done, but get to the job, as well!


  1. Wow! This is a remarkable story and quite inspiring.

    Often, job seekers would not drive more than 20 minutes to get to work, but Carr was willing to walk for hours just to keep his job. His determination scored him a well-deserved car which I am sure he was never expecting to receive, but it shows that hard work pays off, even if it means going the extra mile…on foot!

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