September 2013

Breaking Bad

“Chemistry is the study of matter,” Breaking Bad’s Walt White says. “But I prefer to see it as the study of change.” AMC cable series Breaking Bad, which ended its five-year run last night, tells the story of disaffected high school chemistry teacher Walter … Read More

Football Coach to Team: You’re Benched!

Utah Union High School football Coach Matt Labrum believes “…the most important thing is that we build character.” Labrum backed up that belief with action. Immediately after last Friday’s game, the coach sat his players down in the locker room and told them that after … Read More


CSI is a CBS-TV crime drama that follows “Crime Scene Investigators” – like William Peterson, Ted Danson, Elizabeth Shue and others – as they solve murders using science and analytical skills.

ESI is my own ethical-sense investigative process used in researching and examining stories like … Read More

Conspiracy Theory, Conclusion

Early in All the President’s Men – a film that follows Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein track down and piece together the 1972 Watergate scandal – there’s a moment where editor Harry Rosenfeld is listening to Woodward read through a list of … Read More

Conspiracy Theory, Part II

Who was Michael Hastings and why would anyone want to assassinate him? Author-Journalist Michael Hastings was a reporter for the Internet based website, BuzzFeed and contributing editor to Rolling Stone magazine. Hastings profile rose after an interview he conducted with General Stanley McChrystal in which … Read More

Conspiracy Theory, Part I

“Evidence Indicates Michael Hastings Was Assassinated”
“Hastings Sent Chilling E-mail to Colleagues Before Death”
“Did the Pentagon Murder Journalist Michael Hastings?”

Those are just a few of the story links that stood at the top of a Google search I conducted into the death of … Read More

Presidential Decision Making

“We are probably going to have to bomb them,” the President said after looking at the U-2 photographs. He then turned to his special assistant, Ken O’Donnell. “You still think the fuss about Cuba is unimportant?”

“Absolutely,” O’Donnell snapped. “The voters won’t give a damn … Read More

Where Peace is Possible

This is what inspiration looks like. Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old Pakistani girl who survived an assassination attempt by Islamic extremists for campaigning for women’s education, delivered another moving speech at the opening of a library in Birmingham, England. In a voice both settled and soothing, … Read More

Restoring Trust

Trust – whether it’s the current crisis in Syria, Congress or the economy – is the vital component that drives confidence. So important to the national temperature that polls are regularly taken to determine the public’s trust in individuals and institutions.
Dr. Robert Hurley is Read More

Syria: The Moral Response

All focus is on President Obama and Congress as to whether the U.S. will enter into a “limited” attack on Syria as a response to their use of chemical weapons.

This is a difficult issue and there are no easy answers. As The New York … Read More