July 2012


Attending a party on the Fourth of July, I spent some time listening on the edge of conversations, much of which were about politics. “I don’t understand,” one fellow says, “how the government can send Martha Stewart to prison for insider trading when all those … Read More


We interrupt our special Fourth of July commentary for this TMZ Exclusive: Jim Lichtman, ‘Renowned’ Ethics Specialist, is Lost! Lichtman was last seen giving Mel Gibson advice outside an L.A. eatery (as captured by this grainy cell-phone photo) around June 14th. Sources close to the … Read More

Health Battle Enters Round 2 – That was the weekend headline in the Wall Street Journal (June 30-July1). I’ve written about some of issues surrounding the health care law earlier this year: (March 5, April 20). However, no sooner had the Supreme Court ruled that … Read More