December 2011


Have you had a talk with your son or daughter about bullying?  Do they recognize the difference between good-natured teasing and behavior that crosses the line into bullying?

Every week we hear another tragic story involving bullying or hazing either by direct encounter or the … Read More


Voltaire once said, “Common sense is not so common.” I’m sure the 18th century French writer had people who gab endlessly on cell phones in mind when he made that observation.

Back in the Stone Age, when people needed to speak to someone outside the … Read More

“Guilty, Your Honor”

I’ve written about Major John Baldwin, (Ret.) before. A vascular surgeon who served with distinction in Viet Nam and several hospitals after the war, John’s ‘moment of principle’ was featured in my book, “What Do You Stand For?” John has since become a valued friend Read More